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ChitoTech Secondary dressings

ChitoTech secondary dressings are used to fix primary dressings and maintain them in place. They are two types, absorbents and protective.

Trans I.V

Transparent adhesive that has special design for catheters....

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ChitoStrip is slim adhesive strips which are used to close the wounds or minor cuts....

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Nonwoven adhesive roll shape tape....

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Poly acrylate, super absorbent, non-adherent wound dressing....

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Double sided non-adherent wound dressing, made up of absorbent micro-fibers....

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A secondary dressings, made of non-woven backing with absorbent non-adhesive pad....

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Transparent waterproof protective adhesive....

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ChitoTrans Pad

ChitoTrans pad is a waterproof adhesive with non-adherent absorbent pad....

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