ChitoTech Hemostatic Products


ChitoTech Hemostatic Products are made of natural cellulosic biopolymers. They cause rapid hemostasis in arterial, venous and capillary bleedings, useful in trauma, surgery, angiography catheters, dentistry, nose and mouth bleeding, genital mutilation, traumatic skin incisions, hemodialysis and vascular problems. 1 They save patients' life, decrease costs and hospital length of stay, blood transfusions and transmission of infection. They can be effective in conversion of hospitalization to outpatient treatment.

Also, these products have been increasingly used in the field of inherited bleeding disorders including hemophilia, Glanzmann and Von Willebrand disease


Mechanism Of Action:

ChitoTech hemostatic products act with two mechanisms:

1- Absorbs blood plasma, therefore increases the concentration of clotting factors and platelets aggregation in the affected area. It then provides a matrix for platelet adhesion, accelerating the formation of the platelet plug.

2- The positive charge of hemostatic products attract the clot factors with negative charge which accelerate the formation of the platelet plug that will form the foundation of the fibrin clot.


Scientific Investigations:

According to investigated biocompatibility tests, ChitoTech hemostatic products are biocompatible, with no evidence of cytotoxicity, inflammation, skin irritation, acute or chronic toxicity, genotoxicity or other complications related to incompatibility.  



1. Kordestani, Soheila S.,Noohi.F, Azarnik.H, Basiri.H, Hashemi.M.J., S.Abdi, A.Mohebi and NayebHabib.F. "A randomized controlled trial on the hemostasis of femoral artery using topical hemostatic agent." Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis 18, no.5 (2012):501-505.


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