Sterile hemostatic and absorbable powder, containing particles of oxidized regenerated cellulose which is suitable for all types of bleedings, arterial venous and capillary.
The most important outcome after coronary angiography via femoral artery is to achieve fast and effective hemostasis.

Due to the superabsorbent nature of this powder, when applied to the puncture site, following the removal of the catheter the serum of the jetting blood is absorbed by the powder. As a result the rate of blood flow from the puncture site is reduced which in return accelerates the initiation of clot formation. The application of ChitoHem hemostatic powder on the patients has reduced the time to hemostasis significantly compared to the conventional manual compression1.



Pain improvement and both physicians and patients’ satisfaction in ChitoHem users in general surgeries were significantly higher. The use of ChitoHem hemostatic powder is a non-invasive, convenient and repeatable and significantly pain free method2.
ChitoHem has a special applicator. The applicator is an effective powder delivery system capable of delivering a controlled amount of hemostatic powder accurately at the bleeding site during laparoscopic surgery and other out of reach of areas3. 


Main component: Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose

Features and benefits:
    Absorbable and readily dissolves in body fluids
    Without any genotoxicity 
    No cell toxicity (ISO 10993-5)
    Complies with the requirement of ISO 10993-6 for local effect after implantation
    No skin irritation, no sensitivity (ISO 10993-10)
    No systemic toxicity (Acute and sub chronic toxicity) (ISO 10993-11)
  ChitoHem is a powerful hemostatic powder due to its microporous polysaccharide structures 
    Complete Hemostasis is achieved in a minutes
   Clot formation: less than one minutes 



welling ratio= 5-6 time of its initial weight

Size distribution= 40-60 μm

    Cardiovascular, orthopedic, graft, ENT surgeries and Laparoscopy
    Soft tissue surgery
    Inherited bleeding disorders
    Stop bleeding in diabetic patients 
    Suitable for all patients with coagulopathy disorder and diabetes
   Capillary, venous and arterial bleeding  



Instructions For Use:

1- Clean the bleeding area with SilvoSept spray. 


2- Using your thumb to press the mini hemovag and pump the desired amount of ChitoHem powder.


 3-If needed, install the on the mini hemovag and pump the desired amount of ChitoHem powder.

4-Less than 1 minute bleeding is stopped if needed, repeat the section 2.Compress the source of bleeding for 2-3 minutes using a dry compress.



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