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Publication of an article about the effect of Chitohem powder on coagulation time and the complications following tooth extraction in “Journal of Research in Dental Sciences


The results of a research done by dental PhD students has been recently published in Journal of Research in Dental Sciences (volume 14, issue 3 ) in 2017 regarding the effect of “ChitoHem” on bleeding caused by dental extraction. The results show that using ChitoHem Powder after tooth extraction can stop bleeding in a short time, the rate of pain is decreased and the wound heal occur


Investigating the effect of Chitohem powder on coagulation time and the complications following tooth extraction



Background and Aim: Pain and inflammation are of the major complications after dental extraction. It is reported that Chitohem powder dressing encourages wound healing while reducing pain and other complications. However, the number of studies concerning its beneficial effects is limited. Therefore, we studied the effect of Chitohem dressing on the rate of wound healing after dental extraction in patients treated either at Bou-Ali hospital or private clinics in 2015.

Materials and Methods: The present clinical trial was conducted on 60 patients with indication of bilateral extraction in the same jaw. The jaw in each patient was randomly divided into test and control groups. In the study group, Chitohem powder dressing (Dental Therapeutic) was used, covered by a layer of gauze. In the control group, a layer of gauze was the only dressing used. Bleeding stop time was measured in minute. The rate of pain and healing process was determined by VAS Index and Healing Scale, respectively. In addition, incidence of dry socket on 3rd and 7th day post extraction was assessed.

Results: bleeding stop time were 2.73 ±0.9 in study group and 10.4 ±2.95 in control group (P<0000). Rate of pain at 3rd day was significantly lower than control group. (P<0.05)  In addition, better outcomes were achieved in the study group, regarding healing time, dry socket incidence and need for analgesics (P<0.1).

Conclusion: Chitohem powder dressing accelerated wound healing and reduced the complications through 3 days following teeth extraction.


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