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Description :

ChitoScrub Brush is a two-sided sterile single-use brush with a lot of thin polymeric microfilaments embedded on a spongy cleaner.  It can be used for easy removal of wound debris and exudate, as well as flakes and keratosis from the surrounding skin. Also, a tiny sharp cleaner is placed in the polymeric basement, which can be used for plucking the dried skin and nail cleansing.

ChitoScrub can be used on a daily-based schedule for slough tissue removal. Also. It can be used after autolytic debridement by ChitoTech DebridGel, ChitoDebridPad and Debrid Hydrogel, to remove the wound debris and exudate, and surrounding skin flakes.



Features :


Flexible and soft microfilaments

Pliable and abrasive sponge

Easy removal of wound debris without any damage to the newly formed granulation tissue and epithelial cells.

Easy to use by patients and their companies

The brush side can be used as complementary instrument to various debridement methods

The sponge side can be used to absorb exudate, debris and skin keratoses during debridement

Pain relief during debridement

Helping the health of skin and nail, and decreasing the infection



Indications :


Surgical scrub brushes are used in emergency care centres/ minor injury units to debride wounds

Useful for superficial wounds debridement and wiping the surrounding skin

Diabetic foot ulcers (particularly with contaminated nails)

Pressure ulcers

Arterial and venous ulcers

Decubitus ulcers

Post-operative wound healing by secondary intention

Healthy scratching of the itchy and dry wounds

It can be used on hyperkeratotic or necrotic surfaces when they have been previously treated with autolytic debridement




To Note:

Scrub brush is designed as a single-use instrument for short-time use during wound cleaning or debridement. It should be avoided from staying on the wound and it can be used at every dressing change if needed. Also both of the fiber side and sponge side, can be moistened by wound irrigation solutions to assist either the wound cleaning or debridement.





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