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ChitoCheck is a rapid qualitative diagnostic test where the result is ready in the less than one minute. Using ChitoCheck can facilitate the infection detection and decision making of treatment for patients in the less than one minute. Early diagnosis of bacterial infection is usually delayed due to nonspecific clinical symptoms. As a result antibiotic is prescribed which in addition to antibiotic resistance will cause a heavy cost on the country's health system.



ChitoCheck can be used for the following infections detection:
Wound exudate
Vaginal and genital areas


Features and Benefits:
Rapid detection with short response time
Easy to use
Cost effective
High sensitivity
Reduces antibiotic administration


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Mechanism of Action :
Bacterial infection occurs when the pathogenic or opportunistic bacteria begin to multiply in the body, as a result, protease activity increases at the site of damaged tissue. Subsequent to the increase in proteases level, the environment becomes highly alkaline and thus, it is possible to detect infection by the ChitoCheck, which is sensitive to increased levels of protease and alkaline environment.


Instructions for use:
1)    Remove the sterile indicator from the pack and place the colored tip of the indicator in the fluid sample of desire site. Wait for 50-60 seconds for the color to stabilize on the indicator. 2
2)    Compare the change of indicator color with the reference card inside package.



For detecting urine infection, using a sterile urine specimen collection cup, fill it with midstream urine. Place the colored tip of the indicator inside the cup.
Allow for 50-60 seconds and compare.


 If there is no infection, no color change is observed.
 If there is an infection, the indicator color changes to green.
 If there is a severe infection, the indicator color changes to blue.




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