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SilvoSept Hand



Suitable for sterilizing hand which can eliminate wide range of pathogenic viruses, bacteria and fungus

SilvoSept Hand is a new product, suggested as an alternative solution instead of povidone iodine – which has either bad color or bad odor and can cause damage to the skin – for hand scrub before surgery.

In an experimental study, selected participants from surgical team members of Amir Hospital in Semnan were participated to scrub their hands with SilvoSept Hand and povidone iodine, in two separate times. Dominant hand was sampled 3 times to get microbial cultures: before scrubbing, after drying, and after an hour. Participants were asked about each solution's utilities. Analysis was performed by software spss-16 and p value less than 0.05 was considered significant.

The findings not only confirmed the antimicrobial effectiveness of the SilvoSept Hand, and its equality with povidone iodine on willingness of applying, but also showed its superiority   to povidone iodine because of its lower adverse effects on skin as well as its better color. SilvoSept Hand can be suggested as an effective, acceptable and affordable alternative.

Main component: Nano colloidal silver
Features and benefits:
    Alcohol free, thus prevent hand dryness
    Odorless and colorless
    No irritation, no sensitivity (ISO 10993-10)
    No toxicity (ISO 10993-5)
    Effectiveness time: 5 minutes (EN1276)


    Hand antiseptic solution in hospitals and health centers
    Hand scrub before surgeries




Instructions for Use:

1,2-Press the  lever dispenser with left elbow, pour 5 mL SilvoSept Hand in the palm of the right hand,  and immerse  left hand fingertips in to  the  solution  to cleaning whole  hand and nails.  (Vice versa)

3, 4-Imbrue left forearm to SilvoSept Hand properly. Cleaning whole skin with rotary movements. (Vice versa)



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