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EpiCell is ChitoTech hemostatic nasal tampon suitable for patients' self-application in controlling epistaxis. EpiCell is a cylindrical tampon made of chitosan and ORC and it come in two sizes for adults and children.
The tampon comprises a safety thread which makes it very easy to remove. This tampon as well as hemostatic properties, promotes healing and is anti  bacterial.

When the tampon is placed within the nasal cavity, blood from a nose bleed expands the tampon, holding it in place. When the nose bleed has stopped the tampon can be removed by pulling the thread.   

Main component:  Chitosan and Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose

 Features and Benefits:
    Rapid Hemostasis
    No cell toxicity (ISO 10993-5)
    No skin irritation, no sensitivity (ISO 10993-10)
    Soft and flexible
    Safe thread to ease removal of tampon , Without any harm  to nose cavity


    Nasal bleedings (Epistaxis)
    Suitable for patients with coagulation disorders 

Instructions for use:


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