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Dental Cell is a biocompatible oxidized cellulose hemostatic tampon.

It is equipped with a safety thread which can be removed from the bleeding site after hemostasis has occurred. It can be used in the extraction sucked accelerating the formation of blood clot.


Main component:  Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose

Features & benefits: 
    Rapid Hemostasis
    No cell toxicity (ISO 10993-5)
    No skin irritation, no sensitivity (ISO 10993-10)
    Soft and flexible
    Easy and safe to use

    Suitable for extraction site and oral surgeries
    Suitable for patients with coagulation disorders such as (Von Willebrand disease, Glanzmann disease and Hemophilia)


Instructions for use:

1. Place DentalCell over the bleeding site.

2. Then apply slight pressure on the DentalCell. When the bleeding is stopped wash off your mouth.


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