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New Thinking in Healthcare







We will make commitment to make our society healthy by developing & producing innovative high quality products.
Deep understanding of customers’ needs and the employees
Taking quality assurance very seriously to the highest standards known in the industry, including ISO13485, ISO14001 & CE mark.











Based on our innovative technology, we are going to become a global health care group that extends beyond Iran and Asia to the world's manufacturing and marketing of medical devices.
Introducing & implementation of innovative medical treatments to replace out-dated traditional procedures and technologies.










 Hemostatic Products

 Wound Healing Products


 Hygiene Products

 First Aid Boxes

 Secondary Dressings

 HealApp (New)

 Needle Free Injection (New)








ChitoTech has been developing and implementing high-performance products in the areas of hemostats, wound care and antiseptics, based on a strong set of values: safety, quality and professionalism.








 Address :Units 9 and 11,  Khaghani Building,No 83، Somayyeh street ,Tehran, Iran Postal code: 1571838318

Phone: +(98)21-88321517 - 19

Fax:  +(98) 21-88835224

Email: info@chitotech.com





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