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Wound Healing Products


ChitoTech Wound Healing Dressings:

Wound healing dressing as the first products of the company are based on the latest medical science achievements and practical principles of moist wound healing methods. The dressings are biocompatible and made from N-acetyl – D- Glucosamine which leads to activate effective factors particularly macrophages in wound healing. They are capable of absorbing wound exudates1-5.

Wound healing is a multifactorial, complicated, physiological process. Cellular and biochemical components as well as enzymatic pathways play pivotal roles during the repair and recovery of a wound tissue. Some natural polymers have excellent structural and physicochemical properties, making them suitable agents for different applications in medical care of which wound management aids are one of the most important and encouraging modality4.


Mechanism of Action:

They accelerate wound healing process up to 70%, by increasing population of macrophages, immune system essential biomolecules and maintaining optimal moist wound condition.

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