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Debrid Gel

Debrid Gel is a primary bioactive gel. This product is suitable for removing necrotic and slough tissues autolytically without damaging the viable healing tissue.


Main component:
  Sodium Alginate
Features & benefits:
  Moisturizing dry, necrotic tissues
  Non invasive
  Non-adhering to wound surface

  Selective autolytic debridement with no pain and bleeding
        No irritation, no sensitivity according to ISO 10993-10
        No toxicity
according to ISO 10993-5
  All types of wound with necrotic or slough tissue.

Warning :

Immediately use after opening the packaging or keep the product in the refrigerator.
  The product has made up of natural polymers and it is sensitive to
temperature and other environmental condition.

The product is not antibacterial. In case of infected wounds, please seek medical advice from a doctor for antibiotic administration.

1. Clean the surface of the wound with SilvoSept or other appropriate antiseptics. Do not dry it.

2. Place ChitoDebrid Gel on the desired area.

3. Cover it with Chitoabsorbent or other appropriate non-adherent absorbent dressings.

4. Fix it with ChitoTrans transparent adhesive or other appropriate surgical dressings.


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