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ChitoHeal Gel

ChitoHeal Gel, a novel chitosan-based gel, is a primary bioactive dressing, suitable for all types of wound. It is a powerful wound healing product, forming a secondary skin on the site of wound protecting and healing it at the same time.

Main component:
 N-acetyl – D- Glucosamine (Chitosan)
Features & benefits:
 Accelerates the rate of healing
 Scar reduction
Anti-viral effect on Poliovirus and Herpes simplex
Anti-bacterial effect on staphylococcus aureus, B-Hemolytic streptococci,
Pseudomonas, E. Coli, Staphylococcus Epidermidis, Klebsiella pneumoniae

        No irritation, no sensitivity according to ISO 10993-10
        No toxicity according to ISO 10993-5



I & II burn and Sunburn
Cuts and Scratches
Diabetic foot ulcers & Bed sore (I & II degree)
Prevent Bed sore by forming a secondary skin
Umbilical cord and circumcision locations
Sun burn
Suitable for EB patients (Epidermolysis bullosa- Butterfly Children)
Emergency and first aid



Immediately use after opening the packaging or keep the product in the refrigerator.

The product has made up of natural polymers and it is sensitive to temperature and other environmental condition.


Instructions for Use:


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