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ChitoHeal Foam Dressing 

ChitoHeal Foam dressing is a primary bioactive dressing made of natural marine biopolymers that accelerates wound healing rate.
It was demonstrated that the use of advanced bioactive wound dressings would result in decreasing hospitalization, and in turn, reduced hospital costs. Furthermore, in many cases it avoided the need for use of various dressings and drugs.
All of the wounds treated with advanced bioactive wound dressings healed faster and none of them developed infection1.

Main component: N-acetyl – D- Glucosamine (Chitosan) 


Features & benefits:
    Soft and pliable
    High vapor transmission rate and oxygen permeability
    maintaining a moist wound environment
    Pain relief
    Reduce scar formation
    No irritation, no sensitivity (ISO 10993-10)
    No toxicity (ISO 10993-5)
    Weight= 7±0.5 g
    Thickness= 6.5 ± 1 mm
    SBF Uptake  ≥300 %



All types of II degree wounds with moderate exudates:
    Burn wounds
    Bed sore
    Surgical wound
    Skin graft donor site
    Diabetic ulcers
Suitable for EB patients (Epidermolysis bullosa- Butterfly Children)

 Instructions for Use:


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